I’ve been working in the industry since the early 2000s 🤯. From around 2009 I have been an independent freelancer, collaborating with like-minded folks and agencies, as well as directly with businesses, charities and public sector organisations.

I also take on longer term consultancy/contract work, if the project is right.

About My Work

I am primarily a front-end developer but have full-stack skills, along with some decent design chops. Most of my client sites are built using WordPress, but I use a wide range of tech. I try my best to keep on top of the latest web tools and trends and incorporate them into my work.

Each web project I work on aims for a high level of standards-compliance, accessibility and browser performance. I always try to focus on the user’s experience and keep in mind that a website should not only look great but work great too.

My Values & Goals…

When working with me you can expect me to aim high and stick to my values, values such as honesty, patience and advocating best practice where possible. The following principles are what guide me when working on any project:

  1. Be open, up-front and honest:
    • No hidden costs or surprises
    • No passing your work on to others
    • No restricting access to your website
  2. Be reliable, patient and understanding:
    • See through every project
    • Take time to listen and support
    • Stick around to offer on-going support
  3. Follow industry best practice:
    • Avoid taking shortcuts
    • Do not exclude users based on ability
    • Advocate best practice with my clients
    • Research latest trends & technologies

Giving Back

This industry has given me a lot over the years — a wealth of knowledge, help, advice (usually freely given) and not least a roof over my head. I try to always be mindful of how lucky I was to stumble into the new-fangled Internet-thingy (after failing to get into art school), and so I try to give a little back with...

  • Discounts for charities and non-profits — I offer a discount for registered charities, not-for-profits and companies/organisations offering support, education or community services and similar. This discount usually ranges from 10-20% but can be more — ask me for details.

  • Donating — in recent years I have donated a portion of profits to worthwhile causes. Previous recipients have been Campaign Against Arms Trade, Tiny Changes and Color Of Change.

  • Volunteering — I try to dedicate some free time each month to helping charitable organisations. I currently have capacity for some more work — please reach out if you need help with your website.

Saying 'No'

Sometimes it's important to say 'no' to work and I will never take work from the following sectors.

  • Any company that causes intentional or excessive harm to wildlife and/or the environment
  • Tobacco, gambling and similarly exploitative industries
  • The military, weapons suppliers and/or any company that facilitates in the violent suppression of free protest

This is not a definitive list but more a reflection of my priorities and belief that some things are more important than money.