About this project

  • Project Type: Website
  • Built Using: WordPress

e.fundamentals are a Glasgow based marketing services partner that “provides fantastic experiences for your audiences across web, digital and creative”. They required a website that showcased their services and methodology.

The site on an iPhone, showing the home page, and Featured Guide resource download call to action.

The large amount of content on their site presented a challenge — the site had to be not only easy to update and consistent in it's aesthetic, but provide a wide variety of re-usable content blocks. These would need to convey fairly complex content in an appealing way.

The result was a design system containing over 20 unique components that could be easily added to the site, as well as font, colour, sizing and branding elements.

Some examples of the components used throughout the site, including calls to action and custom graphical elements to convey features.

The client had used WordPress before but were more comfortable with page builders, in particular Divi, which was used on their old site. This raised some concerns due it's often slow, 'bloated' output. So, some time was put to investigating alternatives and the recommendation to the client for the new site was Oxygen.

Oxygen claimed to offer a better performance and this proved to be the case in testing. It had some quirks in it's usage, but the trade-of was worth it and produced some creditable performance scores:

Largest Contentful PaintTotal Blocking TimeCumulative Layout Shift

Table shows scores from GT Metrix's performance measuring tool, against the site's homepage. Scores are subject to variation over time.

These results where hampered somewhat by not having full control of the server implementation and the site having quite a few third-party tools on there but the results are a pretty good comprimise of features versus performance, especially considering a page builder was used.

Some more examples of the components used throughout the site.

As well as the design system and component library the site features a large resource section for blog posts, media content and resources, some internationalisation for different content across the clients international markets and extensive custom forms and data capture elements to increase user engagement.